Yes or No Genuine detailed psychic clairvoyant reading by email. FAST!

About The Service

This listing is for a yes or no type question psychic/clairvoyant reading.
Answered within 24 hrs!

Greetings. I have psychic, clairvoyant (Seeing), clairsentient (feeling) and clairaudient (hearing) abilities.

I started reading for people since 1997.

When I read, I tune into your energy (Using the simple details you provide) and allow messages to come freely. I do not leave anything out, (even though I often do not understand the reference, it is for your understanding, not mine!) and deliver everything that comes through to you.

Typical length of a yes or no question reading is usually a paragraph of 4-20 lines of detailed information. I always offer a follow up email if needed to clarify any information.


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