Whole House/Office Cleansing & Protection Spell/Ritual for One Building/Property

About The Service

This is a ritual created by my family many moons ago that is a two part spell, which is for both CLEANSING & PROTECTION. This is ideal for a home which you have just moved in to, to cleanse all negative residual energy, and to protect it. Maybe you have lived in your home for a while, but there has been negative manifestations like illness, conflict, loss of love connections, or trauma. This is excellent for making a fresh start. I do this for my own home twice a year.

Also ideal for a new office, farm or property, this can be customized for your specific needs. I will dedicate my focus and intention towards it using Native American tradition. Please reach out with questions.


I can also help with many struggles we face in life, including:

Love issues

Loss of loved one/grieving process
Female issues
Trauma and PTSD
Work issues
Family issues
Anger management
Life path

I am experienced in:
Channeling Spirits/medium reading,
Light Work (healing),
Dream Interpretation,
Charting Numerology,
Cleansing of body, Spirit, home, office, property, and
Spiritual Guidance.

I do not read tarot cards or use the Ouija board, and will not communicate with any negative entity.


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