Special Spiritual Cleansing Soul Light

About The Service

This is a very special cleansing ritual I developed that will cleanse you of psychic “build up” after dealing with severe stress, trauma, worry and struggle. Sometimes it is necessary for us to re-charge, cleanse, and bring the light back into where the darkness has been. This is a ritual session in which you will start feeling calm, centered and focused! In extreme cases of long time, severe states of PTSD and trauma, I suggest one cleanse once per week until you feel “like your old self again”! Your privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed. I also offer 60 minute cleanses, plus cleanses for home, office and or property.

I am experienced in:
Channeling Spirits/medium reading,
Light Work (healing),
Dream Interpretation,
Charting Numerology,
Cleansing of body, Spirit, home, office, property, and
Spiritual Guidance.

I am highly empathic and clairsentient, meaning I feel emotions of all humans and animals around me. Life can throw us curve balls which I feel can act as great lessons. Let me help you navigate, and shine some light on your struggles. So you can get the most out of your reading, I ask that you prepare for the appointment reading, and be in a calm, quiet atmosphere.

I can help with many struggles we face in life, including:

Love issues
Loss of loved one/grieving process
Female issues

Trauma and PTSD
Work issues
Family issues
Anger management
Life path



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    Such a sweet and lovely seller, check out that shop , you won’t be disappointed.

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    Fast and very much encouraging, thank you!

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    Thank you so Much from my ❤

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    This was deeply moving and I am feeling so emotional. Thank you.

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