Remove And Heal Soul Mate Or Twin Flame Blockages

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When Twin Flames come together, it is often to achieve something on an energetic level to help expand the consciousness of the planet. When Twin Flames unite, there is a strong desire for them both to create something together that is going to help raise the consciousness of the planet. It often takes many lifetimes for Twin Flames to achieve this, so it could be possible that you meet your Twin Flame, but are unable to complete your mission together just yet. Once you have both learnt to master the relationship, you will both ascend together and complete your work away from the physical dimension of earth. Unlike Soulmate relationships, Twin Flame relationships often don’t focus too much on “challenges” and instead focus more on growth. While Soulmate relationships can be awakening and can help you to discover who you truly are, Twin Flame relationships are about coming together for the service of others. I can help you clear blockages in either meeting this person or heal the person already who is present in your life. This will help your relationship to grow confidently successfully without obstacles. 

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    Very spot on in my situation. <3

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    I would recommend this reading to others.

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    Facts and accurate. I appreciate you

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