Perfect body plastic surgery magick spell

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This spell, although very good on it’s own, is an excellent choice to add to any weightloss spell or item.

It can be used as a booster to speed up weightloss, prevent sagging skin, and to help your weightloss happen evenly (or maybe not evenly) over your body.

As a spell on it’s own, this is also a good one to be customized for many different things.

You can choose things like even out your skin (color, cellulite, hair, etc..) or maybe to elongate your legs and arms to be more graceful.

To boost the size of your bust.

To lift your tushie.

So many options, and before you ask me how this differs from the plastic surgery beauty spell, I will tell you.

The beauty spell is really meant to add that extra dash of attraction, to enhance your charm along with the changes.

This spell is more meat & potatoes, meaning, change your body, worry about the beauty later.

Or maybe you don’t even need to worry about the beauty! Lucky you!

This spell will cover more area than the beauty spell.

You can customize this to involve your entire body, rather than focusing on an area like the beauty spell.

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