I Will Do A Same Day Psychic Reading For Your Pet

About The Service

After years of doing energy healing on animals, I have forged a connection with them and strengthened my ability to read their thoughts and emotions.
I can sense what they are feeling or did feel while living.

I cover topics including but not limited to:

  • Adopted/rescued pets
  • Behavioral issues
  • Lost pets
  • Grieving/depression in pets and animals

A Psychic Tarot Reading for your pet is a great way to know about their past, current emotions, relationships with humans/other pets, and can even provide insight into behavioral issues.

Add on my Plan of Action reading if you’re struggling with grief or are in need of personal guidance.

Add on an energy healing session for you pe!. I am a certified energy healer and have been practicing for over 8 years. Yes, it is just as effective over distance! Includes a report of what I felt and worked on.

Readings will be done in PDF format. If a Tarot reading is performed, I will include a photo of the cards.

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