I Will Do A Detailed Heart To Heart Reading For Your Love Life Situation

About The Service

By the use of my empathic abilities, I offer empathic heart to heart readings to people who are in need to get clarity & insight with their love life situation.

♥ Psychometry – I am able to connect and get more insights to the situation using tools such as tarot, oracle & angel cards.

♥ Precognition – I am able to predict the outcome of a given situation.

♥ Claircognizance – I have the ability to feel and know what has to be done in given situation situation to take things in your favor often being accompanied by a feeling of inner peace, even in the midst of a crisis.

♥ Emotional Healing – I am able to send healing energy for you to get rid of the negativity you have been feeling and turn it to a positive, loving good energy for your own inner loving peace.

– – –

My rates are usually higher and I am doing this offer for just a limited time only, grab now while it’s available. 🙂 (You can expect this gig to be back up and back down from time to time depending on my schedule)

Send me your (1) question about your love life situation / main concern.

It will include how things are right now & what will happen in the future.


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