I Will Do A Coffee Reading

About The Service

Coffee reading is a fortune-telling method of predicting information about a person’s life, a very common practice in Serbia on Balkans in Europe. I am a very effective reader and known in my town for offering this kind of service.

If you love drinking coffee and also are interested in what future holds for you in the following week or month, i am the right person for such matters.

This is only possible for non-filtered ground coffee (turkish coffee). Type of coffee is unimportant for reading, but i seam to do a better job if the coffee is finely minced.

Please only purchase this service if you can handle the answers. I’ve had people get depressed by the outcome. BE WARNED. I won’t tell you lies, I won’t tell you only what you want to hear. If you want lies or nice stories, go to a street fortune teller. Sometimes the truth is not bright as one might expect, so please don’t blame me for this. I’m only delivering the message, I do not create it.


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