I Will Increase Your Wealth And Abundance With Powerful Deeksha, Energy Blessing

About The Service

Deeksha for Wealth and Prosperity is a powerful transfer of energy that clears your ‘wealth blocks’ and aligns you to the vibration of wealth in the universe, also known as ‘wealth consciousness’, whereby you start attracting wealth, success and abundance into your life.


You will receive:


*       Group Wealth Deeksha session, tailored to you individually.

*       Group prayer for a specific wish. Could be money, upcoming job interview,

business deal etc.

*       Our ‘5 Steps to Attracting Wealth’ document.

*       Audio clip recording from your Deeksha session.* Includes any insights or visions

we receive from the higher intelligence.


Order now for yourself or a loved one, and discover the amazing benefits of this wealth Deeksha.


Through this process and Deeksha we will help you remove the blocks and limiting believes that are stopping you from receiving the wealth and success you desire.


*During Deeksha we often receive insights/visions from the higher intelligence. These can come in the form of visions, advice and/or clarity which can help you. Please note, this is not guaranteed. If it does not happen, we can offer your another Deeksha session within 48 hours.


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