Aura Reading-Check Your Chakras and Get Healing

About The Service

I am a born Psychic, Certified Medium and empath here to be of service. 

This type of reading would focus around your seven major chakra energy centers.

I will go though each chakra from the root to your crown and look at the size.
Then I will assign them number on a 1-4 scale to give you an idea of what size each chakra is.

I will deliver you a full report of each Chakra letting you know what areas are:

  • (1) blocked
  • (2) under-active
  • (3) open & balanced
  • (4) over-active 
As well as information related to what each chakra represents and the glands, organs, emotional & physical issues could be affected. 

Also, I will suggest what stones, oils & herbs I feel would be beneficial to the areas that are not in the ideal open & balanced state.

Before your reading I will light a new white candle, burn sage and set the intention for your greatest good.

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    Thanks for being patience and understanding to my doubts.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    It was a wonderful experience. I am very grateful

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