Birth Magick Psychic Reading :: Which Magickal Paths Were You Born To Walk?

About The Service

My brand new Birth Magick reading reveals to you which paths of magick are deeply ingrained in your bloodline and where they came from. Did you inherit Medium abilities on your maternal side? Was your ancestor a warlock? Are you meant to be a healer? You can discover which magickal paths are meant for you through this reading 🙂

This reading will provide, on average, the 3-5 magick paths most important to your present life. Working with these magickal paths would yield the best results for you in evolution and development of abilities.

There are no further discounts to this listing because of the time it takes to prepare and complete for each person. This is the lowest price possible for the amount of time it takes.

You can work with this binding for years to come as it dynamically tunes and changes as you do.


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