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About The Service

This is for a one question psychic reading done via email. You will receive a digital file transfer in PDF that will include the instructions on how to go about your reading.

After purchase, you will message me with your full name, date of birth, photo if you have it and any pertinent info on people you are asking about.

When I say pertinent info, I mean background details such as your relationship to the person you’re asking about, or something that happened to cause the issue you’re asking about or basically a little bit about the situation.

Think of me as a friend that you are about to tell the story to, I don’t know anything about the situation and contrary to popular belief, psychics can rarely read someone blindly, especially via distance.

So of course I do not need your life story, just something to base the questions on. The better the info I get, the closer I get to you, your situation and the answers.

You may ask 1 question with this and I always leave the communication open for you to email me for any additional clarification.

So think it through, give whatever background information you’d like, send whatever pics you’d like, etc.. I’m open to all that and gladly read it all.

I do like to warn people before a reading with me, I am honest.
Sometimes this is not what you want to hear, so make sure you are prepared to hear the good/bad/ugly etc.. because I never lie and I never sugar coat it.

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    Very sweet person. Good service!!!

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    Fast shipping, thank you

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