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We’d like to give a hearty shout-out to all our members and welcome you to our new Psychic Shops Blog, your source for stellar Psychic Shops Insights, site news and updates, and other helpful tips and information. If there’s an upcoming upgrade to a specific feature, a poll about a revamp in design, or an impending cosmic event, you can be sure to read about it here first.


We are the web’s premiere destination for psychic advice. We’re dedicated to connecting you with the finest and most talented psychics on the Web. Our top-rated Tarot readers, astrologers, fortune tellers and psychics have years of experience and the positive user reviews to prove it. You can feel comfortable and confident knowing that your reading will provide powerful answers to all your deepest questions.

More importantly, we understand that Psychic Shops boasts large community of vibrant, valuable members who use and appreciate the site as much as we do! We rely on our awesome members for their thoughtful feedback and input when it comes to building and growing the site. You’re experts here in your own right, and our goal is to create an open environment of communication and collaboration when it comes to the direction of Psychic Shops.